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Innovative Solutions

About Me

 I've deployed with both the Marines and the Army. First serving as 0311 infantry in the Marines, I ended my career as an 881A Marine Engineering Officer in the Army. I've been deployed to Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and all over the states and to most major training areas. Now I help service members from Fort Couch!

Ordered This Hammer Drill
Got This "Similar Item"
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Not at Boyd's Parts!

What we do for       Customers

  • We sell anything you need! Some of our sales include: VFD's, Refrigerant, Trailer Tires, Water Dispensers, Lumber, Custom Fabricated Items and many more!

  • We work with customers to get exactly what they want through the governments purchasing systems.

  • We will never substitute a "Similar Item" without first verifying it with the customer.  * We understand this frustration first hand!

  • We deliver! We have driven overnight and hundreds of miles to ensure mission success.

  • We accept Government Credit Card Purchases and work with ASRC Federal to get exactly what the customer needs. Use Cage Code 98T37 as your preferred vendor.

What we do for Manufacturers

  • We understand the governments red tape and we help you navigate it. 

  • We want to get your product to the customer, especially if you have already put in the work to find what they need.

  • If you are making a lot of bids and very few or none are making it through to Purchase Orders, we can help!

  • We have experience from the inside making purchases and now from the vendor side. Your products can't help the customer if you can't make it through the Red Tape.

  • We stay loyal to our business relationships. 

  • We push American Made and also deal with TAA Compliant products.

Why is the government so hard to work with?!
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*Rumor has it the Liberty Bell was never repaired due to a Letter of Justification being rejected by a Purchasing Officer.


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